Sore throat and neck pain x 2 days. Now right ear is bothering me. Gargling salt water, taking tylenol (acetaminophen). How long do I wait before going to my doctor?

If significant sore. Throat especially with swollen lymph nodes, exudates & enlarged, beefy red tonsils - you could see your doctor's office tomorrow for a strep throat test/ culture. It would save you $ - as compared to going to the er.
Probably viral. You most likely have a viral pharyngitis and myringitis (ear drum involvement). If you have fever, you should see your doctor to rule out a more serious infection. If no fever, and if your general health is otherwise good, i'd stay the course - you should be getting better in the next 24 - 48 hours with a 7 day course overall.
It's still early. Ibuprofen may be a bit more helpful compared with the tylenol (acetaminophen). Gargling not good enough. The ear pain is from swelling/occlusion of the eustachian tube. Remedy for that is sniffing the salt water straight up your nostrils. Don't forget vitamin c and lots of sleep.

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No sore throat just neck ache. Runny nose. Tiny white spots on back of uvula. One on tip of tongue went away with salt water. Looks like herpangina?

Please stop. Please stop trying to diagnose yourself. If you have Herpangina you would probably also have an acute fever. You can't see the back of your Uvula without putting a mirror behind it. Your symptoms suggest an infection, so go see your Family Physician. Let him/her do the diagnosis and treatment plan. You'll be glad you did. Read more...

Neck pain, sore throat, head pain, feeling leeking down back ears been doctors said it was anxiety? Blood took thyroid is bordline, had whiplash 6monthago

Neck & head. pain. Glad to hear that your docs did not find a physical cause. The physical cause may be so small that it can't be measured. Consider seeing a mental health professional to learn coping skills for anxiety. offers some self-help. Peace and good health. Read more...