Can gonorrhea cause a sore throat if you didn't have oral sex?

No. No, but gonorrhea can cause systemic symptoms, most especially gonococcal arthritis. If you have a persistent sore throat it should be evaluated.

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I had oral sex for the first time with a very experienced guy and now I have a sore throat could I have gonorrhea?

Depends. The timing is crucial here. Is the sore throat immediate? Next day? Condoms? Rough or gentle oral sex? Most likely it's not gonorrhea. But it is best to be safe. Did the guy ever have gc? Did he have other std's? If so, you should be checked.
Probably not. I assume it was fairly recent and gonorrhea would not show up immediately. Most likely you have traumatized your throat. You should be more in control of depth and speed and not let the guy force you or be rough. Gargle with warm salt water and avoid additional trauma and if your throat does not feel better in a few days than see a doctor. Also, you should be tested for stds on a regular basis.

Awaiting tests, but today I noticed sore throat when I swallow. Performed oral sex on woman 7 days ago and unprotected sex. No other symptoms. If it's oral gonorrhea, does the soreness get worse? What are characteristics of sore throat? Come and go?

Usually no symptoms. Oral gonorrhea almost always (95% of the time) is asymptomatic, with no sore throat at all. On the infrequent occasions it causes symptoms, they would not come and go. Also, cunnilingus -- oral-vaginal contact -- rarely transmits gonorrhea or other STDs. Most likely your symptoms are not from any infection from that exposure. But see a doctor if symptoms continue or you remain concerned.
It is possible. In both women and men, gonorrhea may cause the anus to itch. It can also result in a discharge and painful bowel movements. Itching and soreness of the throat with trouble swallowing may be symptoms of an oral infection. Nine out of 10 oral infections show no symptoms at all. Seek a physician if you feel you have been exposed to an STD.

I engaged in both oral and vaginal sex and have a sore throat and yellow tongue. Safe to say no genital symptoms means it's not oral gonorrhea?

Can't be sure. The only way to be sure if this is gonorrhea is being tested. You could be exposed in more than one area and only be symptomatic in one. If you suspect any std, your partner should be evaluated/treated as well. Good luck!

If I have a sore throat and had sex with someone with gonorrhea, should I get tested?

Yes. Make sure that your doctor does a swab specific for gonorrhea too because the swabs used for strep won't detect ghonorrhea.
Yes. If you have a persistent sore throat, regardless of sexual activity, you should be checked by your doctor.