To treat blepharitis and evaporative dry eyes, how effective is thermal eye compress that you microwave vs regular warm water compresses.

Thermal is better. Hot water generally does not hold heat long enough. But you can do either one.
Blepharitis. For most thie is not needed. Good routine eyelid hygiene is usually effective.
Warm water. The water should be a little warmer than body temperature. It needs to heat up the meibomian glands that are on the lid margins. Avoid water too hot that can damage the delicate lid skin.

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Blepharitis n dry eyes. For 2 months used eye mask 2x/day- microwave 10sec, put 5 mins. Reduced to 1x. Eyes very red everytime after eye mask. Stop?

Don't use eye mask. with microwave heat. 10 seconds may not seem like much, but what is most effective is moist warm/hot compresses applied from sink tap water, and applying it to your eyelids for 5 mins.That means reapplying the compresses again when it cools down. You will need to see an eye doctor to have them give you a prescription ointment, and see what's really causing your blepharitis thru microscope. Read more...