My son has 5ths disease. He just broke out in rash. I've been sick for over 1 1/2.Severe joint pain, cold sweats, fever, chills, could it be from that?

Possibly. Fifth disease, erythema infectiosum, is mild viral illness that most commonly affects children, rash on cheeks % uri.Adults also infected with virus and develop fifth disease. Adults tend to have a more severe flu-like illness, but seldom develop the rash. Adults are much more likely than children to develop joint symptoms. These symptoms usually clear up in two weeks, but 10 % chronic joint sxs.
Fifth Disease. Unfortunately, all those symptoms can be attributed to fifth disease. It is much milder in children than adults. There is a blood test to check for this. The treatment is symptomatic care - usually Motrin for joint pain and fever. You should speak to your physician regarding possible other therapies for the joint pain.