I have a mucous retention cyst or polyp in maxillary sinus. Is there any relation to my pituitary tumor or to the fact that I have always had a poor sense of smell?

Unrelated entities. A pituitary tumor plays no role in the development/formation of a mucous retention cyst, or a sinus polyp. These are quite common, an usually asymptomatic (unless they block the drainage from the sinus into the hiatus semilunaris or if they are occupying a large volume of the sinus) and i see them as an incidental finding on a weekly basis on radiographs of my patients.
Size of polyp. Nasal polyps only usually cause symptoms if an individual polyp is particularly large or if there are clusters of polyps.Reduced sense of smell or taste can occur in severe cases. Mucus retention cyst is usually in maxillary sinus. Unlikely that this cyst would affect sense of smell. Chronic sinusitis is often associated with mucus retention cyst.Large pituitary tumors can affect sense of smell.
Unrelated. Mucus retention cysts in the maxillary sinus are extremely common and rarely symptomatic. If there is an isolated polyp in the maxillary sinus without evidence of other nasal polyps obstructing your airway, then it is also unlikely to related to your sense of smell. Cyst or polyp--not related at all to your pituitary tumor.
Smell - yes. Mucosal thickening from sinusitis does indeed affect your sense of smell. Likely unrelated to your pituitary tumor. Did you try saline rinses?

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