I am overweight and a diabetic and my A1c is 6.8%. I havehad two early miscarriages, at five weeks. My gynaecologistput me on metformin and clomid (clomiphene). My husband is healthy. What are my chances of having a baby?

Get in shape. I would stress that you need to exercise enough and diet enough to get in great shape before getting pregnant. It is difficult enough to lose weight and get in shape when you are diabetic. It gets more difficult while pregnant. You need to start out the pregnancy at your best. Warning: side effects of exercise and maintaining ideal body weight include health and longevity.
Diabetes. Begin or increase exercise, practice good dietary habits to control your diabetes. There is no way to predict percentage chances, but often miscarriages occur due to defects in the fetus rather that anything wrong with the potential mother. Keep trying and good luck.
Lose weight and . Exercise - could reverse type 2 dm and will make you healthier when you get pregnant. It may also make you more fertile. Good luck!