Is gallbladder removal the only treatment for gall stones?

No, but.... ..It's the most effective. Gallstones can be dissolved by ultrasound waves (lithotripsy) or medication, however, new ones will form. The only effective way to permanently get rid of stones is to remove the "gallstone factory", the gallbladder. Thankfully, this can be done by minimally invasive outpatient surgery. Most importantly, though, this is only recommended if one has symptoms.
Mostly, but. . . For early tiny stones (called sludge) a dissolving medicine called urso forte (ursodeoxycholate) can dissolve over 3-6 months. This is ok if no symptoms. With symptoms of pain it is best to proceed to surgery. Shockwave therapy has been abandoned.

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My friend had gall stones. Doctor told to remove gallbladder. Is there any way to dissolve stones? What will be side effects if gallbladder removed?

Remove gallbladder. The only effective treatment for patients with symptomatic gallbladder disease with stones is to remove the gallbladder. You create stones due to an abnormal mixture of your fats and bile salts, and frequently genetic predisposition to lithogenic bile. A small percentage of people have loose stools for a short time after gallbladder removal.

I had gall stones a few years ago I was supposed to get my gall bladder removed when they were first discovered but never happened so I changed my diet and got rid of them but recently I'm getting the attacks again how do I manage the pain while waiting t

Diet is key. Well, let's begin with you did not get rid of gallstones. Meals that have a high fat content will cause the gallbladder to contract, sometimes rather forcefully. That causes pain, especially if gall stone stuck in neck. Low fat diet may potentially reduce some of the pain. With continued pain you should see your Doctor. It may mean you have to have the gallbladder out sooner.

Can a person with the gall bladder removed still have gall stones?

Yes they can. In some individuals stones can develop in the duct between the liver and the intestine. The symptoms may be similar to having a gall bladder attack. See your Physician if you have symptoms.
Yes. Residual Common Bile Duct Stones. See your friendly neighborhood gastroenterologist.

Could use your help docs! My gallstones can be taken out without gallbladder removal, right?

Not ideal. Removing gallstones from the gallbladder and leaving the gallbladder in place is not commonly done. There are extreme circumstances where the gallbladder is temporarily drained prior to removing it, but if someone is forming gallstones, that are symptomatic, removing the gallbladder is the best long term solution.

Had gallbladder removal 2 weeks ago. Had black pigment gallstones. Prior to surgery had back pain right upper side. Yesterday and today pain is back?

Two possibilities. 1. "Ghost pain" from the AREA fwhich may have had some inflammatory reaction to your surgical procedure 2. the right upper side pain is due to some OTHER issue (s) Consult first with the surgeon who removed your Gallbladder Hope this is helpful Dr Z.

After gall bladder removal can gall stones develop elsewhere in the body instead. Eg the liver?

Yes, in a small. Minority of cases, stones can form in the common duct, which connects the liver to duodenum. If you are having symptoms, you should see a doctor for full exam and tests. It could still be some other problem too.