I want to be a cosmetics surgeon? Any advice?

Plastic Surgery. There are no shortcuts. To become the best "cosmetic" surgeon possible you must go to medical school, and the do a plastic surgery residency directly or by doing general surgery, ortho, or ENT first.
Meet some. I would suggest you arrange interviews and visitation with cosmetic-plastic surgeons in your area to ask questions and discuss the options. There are many pathways in med/surgery to be able to have cosmetic surgical procedures, so it is important to think about your area of specific interest. I would suggest you select board-certified cosmetic surgeons or plastic surgeons to have your discussion.
I didn't know… That surgery could be done on cosmetics. Just jerking your chain. It is my highly biased opinion the only surgeons trained and bona fide plastic surgery residency should do cosmetic surgery this entails preliminary residency in general surgery orthopedics or otolaryngology followed by two or three-year fellowship and plastic surgery after graduation from medical school.. Either everyone who wants to do cosmetic surgery should have to do this or no one.
Study hard. I guess the advice depends on where in your training you are. Assuming you are still in high school or college, i recommend you study hard. The best approach to cosmetic surgery as a career is through a plastic surgery residency training program. This means 4 years of medical school and anywhere from 7 - 10 years of residency training. It can be a very competitive field to get in. Good luck!