Will a fat transfer help for "not big enough" breast implants?

Fat transfer. A fat graft to the breast can definitely increase volume. However, keep in mind that fat grafting techniques vary wildly. The amount of 'fat take' is highly dependent upon extraction and processing techniques used. High density fat grafting can result in very high retention rates. Be sure to seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and ask to see before and after pics!
Fat transfer breast. Fat grafting to the breast has been used in both reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery. Fat is often used in combination with other procedures, such as breast implants, to contour and soften areas that are lacking volume. The issue to remember with fat transfer is that approximately one-half of the fat will disappear over time, possibly requiring repeat treatments.
Yes. It improves the aspect of the breast that has an implant, particularly in the cleavage and upper poles.
Fat xfer with implan. Fat transfer using stem cells produces great results. However, using the injection technique taught by dr. Roger khouri, I would suggest that the implants be replaced. Any separation of cleavage or other less pleasing results can then be very effectively treated by adding fat to the appropriate areas.
Maybe. The "state of the art" in fat transfer keeps improving, but (in my opinion) the results are unpredictable: sometimes the fat lasts for months-years, other times it rapidly disappears. It is hard to predict when either one of these will occur. I think larger implants (if there is adequate soft tissue cover) would be a better solution--the result is more predictable.
Yes. The use of fat grafts over existing implants has been used for many diffierent purposes. Although it could be used for making augmented breasts larger, the primary reason is to accomplish concealing of superficial irregularites such as ripples or folds or scalloping. It can also be used to increase cleavage in ptatients who could not previously do so.
Helping. Autologous fat grafting is helping a lot ad safe if you have breast implants already and you want to increase 1 size bigger. Also it is very good for rippling after breast augmentation with implants. But survival rate of transfered fat differs from patients and patients. I recommend not to lose weight for 2 months after the fat transfer to increase the survival rate.

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Can I get a fat transfer instead of breast implants? I have a common concern to so many women: my butt is too big, and my breasts are too small. Can I have a fat transfer performed to remove fat from the lower half of my body and use it to make my breasts

Yes, plz see website. Yes this is certainly possible and there are limits and risks to the procedure. Please see the website: http://www. Fattransferbreastaug. Com for examples of patients who have undergone the procedure. One example is shown in this image. In miami, you may want to contact dr. Roger khouri for this procedure.
Fat Transfer. Fat transfer can certainly be used to augment your breasts. Current literature suggests that prior to surgery wearing a special suction cup bra called the brava can be used to improve the fat grafting take. Dr khouri in miami is currently the leading expert in this field.
Fat transfer breasts. Yes, you can get fat transferred to your breasts. Check out a detailed answer on this link http://www. Plasticsurgery-sf. Com/blog/category/fat-grafting/ dr khouri in miami is a pioneer. I would refer you to him if you are seriously interested. All the best, dr b.
Absolutely. Yes you can! Find someone capable and competent in your area, search "liquid gold" to find out more.
Yes. Yes. I perform this procedure in miami florida. It may be necessary to harvest fat not only from your buttock but from other areas as well. Unlike other colleagues, I perform it without the brava method with very acceptable results notwithstanding. While this option is not for everyone, almost every patient desiring breast augmentation of some sort, can benefit from fat transfer to the breasts.

If they are doing fat transfer to the breasts why do people still get breast implants?

Fat transfer breast. Fat transfers can create a modest size increase effectively. However, many women want to go from an a cup to a d cup or larger, and for that, implants are generally required.
Limitations. Fat transfer usually can only increase cup size by about 1 cup per session. Also, it creates a very natural shape. Many women want lots of fullness & roundness in the upper breast, or want more of a size change - so that's when implants are used. Also, implant surgery is often less expensive than fat grafting.
Breast Implants. Breast implants replaced fat grafting 50 years ago. Only time will tell if the recent resurgence in fat grafting to the breasts is warranted. Breast implants provide bigger and more predictable volumes. Fat grafting can be unpredictable, and the fat will increase and decrease in volume with changes in weight.
Fat graft for breast. Enlargement has not been proven to be safe long term. For reconstruction or for other contour deformities or in other areas of the body, fat grafting is excellent, but has limitations. For example, about half to 2/3 of transferred fat dies, leaving scars and/or calcifications, which could delay or misdiagnose breast cancer. Implants are still the best, safest, and proven ways to enlarge breasts!
New vs time-tested. Fat grafting is a relatively new option that is still being fully evaluated. It does look promising (for examples see http://www. Fattransferbreastaug. Com) but does have many potential drawbacks such as lack of a predictable outcome and potential interference with surgical, mammographic or oncologic evaluation of the breast whereas the outcomes and risks of implants are better understood.
- Breast implants can generally provide bigger sizes than what can be obtained, as a final result. With fat transfer to the breasts. Sometimes the patient does not have enough fat to give a substantial size increase. In that case an implant could be more desired.
Fat vs Implants. The reasons that people choose implants vs fat grafting are - 1) calcification and scarring issues within the breast parenchyma following fat grafting can possibly cause delay in diagnosis of breast cancer. 2) augmentation size limitation with fat grafting. 3)implants provide consistency in size ; shape that does not impair visualization of the breast parenchyma as implants are below the breasts.