How doii get rid of my fat tummy and the fat from my face?

Vegetables. Forgive me and i hope i don't get fired from this for telling you the truth. If your are not on Prednisone or don't have cushings (check with your md), your diet/exercise is wrong regardless of your weight. You need way more vegetables and less of all else approaching a vegan diet (need not be 100 % vegan). + more exercise> start reading my website www.Thepmc.Org, good luck.
Diet AND exercise. Make sure you exercise at least 90 minutes a day, don't skip meals, avoid soda, juice, dairy, alcohol and fried foods. Eat a healthy well balanced diet! also water, organic vegetable broth, green leafy vegetables, natural pickles, apples are great to fill you up so you dont feel hungry and they are very low in calories.