Laptop fell on my foot from a height of 3.5 ft. I have swelling and bruising around the impacted spot and numbness and tingling in toes. I have pain and I walk with a limp; it is also cold. Could my foot be fractured?

Possible. It's possible that there could be a fracture. You may need to clinical evaluated and need imaging (x-rays) to determine if there is a fracture and get treatment. Good luck.
Foot pain. It could be fractured. Head to an urgent care today for an x-ray and depending on the issue they can refer you to a podiatrist in your area.
Trauma. Unfortunately , there are lots of structures that can be injured with trauma to the foot , not just bones. See your podiatrist for x rays and an evaluation.
Possible fracture. When something falls on the top of the foot, there are many structures that can be injured. Certainly, the possibity of a fracture is one of them. There are superficial nerves and blood vessels that can be compromised by such an injury. Numbness and tingling can be as a result of this. A physical examination and x-rays are needed to rule out fracture. Further testing may be needed as well.