Is it normal to hear like a weird sound in ear whilst having an ear infection?

Probably normal. I would have to know more about the sound., but I am guessing that it is crackling or popping which is usually air getting in to your ears as the fluid from the infection goes away. Sometimes the fluid moving can make a sound. If it is ringing, this could be a sign that the ear infection has spread to the inner ear and should be evaluated by with a hearing test and by an ENT (otolaryngologist).
Yes. It depends on what you mean by "weird." you can hear popping, ringing, buzzing, etc. To be safe, get it checked.

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Is it normal to hear like a ring sound in ear when having an ear infection?

Can Happen. The infection can cause the nerves endings to react with this sensation.
Common. Not "normal" because it doesn't always occur. But it can be a very common symptom with an ear infection.

Is it normal to hear this swooshing sounds when you have an ear infection?

Yes. Ear infections have some type of abnormal fluid in the ear. This may move as you do, cause the swoosh.

Having wooshing? Sound in ear like I can hear my heart beat for about a year. Dr keeps saying ear infection but not going away&ha some bad can't do muc

Sinusitis. I think you have chronic sinusitis and sinus congestion -- you may want to see ear nose and throat ENT specialist for proper evaluation.
Wooshing. Has your blood pressure been checked? High blood pressure can cause your symptoms. If your blood pressure is normal then you may want to see an ear nose and throat specialist, or a neurologist for further testing.

Really bad ear infection in right ear and now hearing higher sound/pitch in that ear. What is this?

Tinnitus. Is a ringing in the ear with many causes one of which can be infection deep into the ear and affecting the nerve carrying sound to the brain. After treatment of an infection, continued inflammation can produce this symptom. It is best if you return to your doctor to make sure the infection is cleared followed by referral to an ENT doctor if the sound persists after the infection clears.
Eustacean tube prob. With an ear infection your eustacean tubes are blocked. As they partially open up again you can get a high pitched whistling sound. It will clear up when tube is completely open. ....

Had or have ear infection (17 days feels better)now when I swallow I hear a cracklings sound coming from my ear, no pain...

Very good sign! After an ear infection, when the ear starts crackling that means that the fluid left over from the infection inside the middle ear is slowly draining out on its own with air slowly refilling the middle ear space. This may be a very long process, over several weeks - but the more crackling the better! Over time the ear and hearing should return to normal.
Fluticasone nasal. Next step is a 6 week trial of fluticasone nasal spray. Sounds like you are suffering from eustachian tube dysfunction and you could likely have resolution of the "crackling" in your ears with flonase. Flonase takes about 5 weeks to "kick in" as it must reach a therapeutic level in your nasal tissues.

My doctor said I don't have an ear infection, but he prescribed to me SUDOGEST, CETIRIZINE, and FLUCTICASONE. Do these help the wave sound that I hear?

Probably not. These meds are for sinus or nasal congestion, not for tinnitus which is what I believe you are describing. No medication specifically helps tinnitus. Your doc may be hoping that by clearing up any congestion you might get relief from what is most often an inner ear condition. These usually clear up spontaneously especially at your young age.

I can barely hear on my right ear and when I swallow saliva I hear a pop sound. Is that a ear infection?

Fluid. It is likely that this is fluid. Not all middle ear fluid is infected - you can just have fluid without an associated infection. Infections usually have associated pain and/or fever. Best way to determine if an infection is present is for someone to look at it and see if there is redness and/or if the fluid present is cloudy and pussy.

Do I have an ear infection? I have lost my hearing, my ear is very painful, when I blow my nose there is a crackling sound in my ear an its very sore

Yes. And sounds like middle ear infection --- which means--- ear drops will not work. Antibiotics by mouth are needed.
See an ENT doctor. This need to be evaluated by a doctor. Depending on your health insurance you may need to see your primary md first or go straight to an ENT doctor.