Can a person who had dengue hemorrhagic fever donate blood?

American Red Cross. Recommends deferring blood donations for 6 months if you have had Dengue Fever. “In most countries, donors who have been infected with dengue virus are deferred for periods of up to 6 months or even longer if they have received blood transfusions.” REF: https://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pmc/articles/PMC2713854/ REF: http://www. Americanredcrossblood. Org/faq. Html.

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I had dengue hemorrhagic fever 5 years ago & my lymph nodes swelled. Two have stayed swollen, squishy. Dr says it's normal, checked. How?

Residual inflammatio. This is possibly scarring which has lead to the non-painful and swollen lymph nodes. If you have had this examined, and feel confident with the answers you received, then this is something to simply watch. If they change in any way, they should be evaluated.

What is treatment for dengue hemorrhagic fever?

Supportive care. "supportive care, " meaning there's no specific treatment against the virus. You focus on treating the complications of the illness until it resolves. This can require hospitalization, sometime in an intensive care unit.

What is the pathophysiology of dengue hemorrhagic fever?

Are you kidding? There is no way we can discuss pathophysiology in the short space allotted. People with homework assignments should go to the library or do their own web searches. We're here to answer clinical questions.

Pathophysiology of dengue hemorrhagic fever, what is this?

Dengue Fever. Hemorrhagic fever is the most serious manifestation of dengue fever. It can lead to circulatory failure and shock. In it there's a plasma leakage syndrome with increased vascular permeability, platelet count less than 100, 000, fever lasing 2-7 days, and spontaneous bleeding with microvascular fragility. There may be small bruises (petechiae) in the skin all the way to profuse bleeding.

Is there a relation between kawasaki disease and dengue hemorrhagic fever?

No. Dengue hemorrhagic fever is caused by one of four different dengue viruses and it is transmitted by mosquitoes. The cause of kawasaki disease remains unknown. The symptoms and course of the diseases is also very different.

How can dengue hemorrhagic fever cause low bp?

Dengue. There are many mechanisms by which this could occur, including severe anemia induced by the intravascular hemolysis, renal failure, vascular collapse, dehydration and other mechanisms. You need to get a medical education to understand this fully, and don't think that this is place in which to obtain that. Good luck.