The best facial lotions for dry skin?

Facial Lotions. Two good facial lotions are cerave and restoraderm both of which are over the counter. They both have ceramides which are important in treating dry skin.

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The best facial lotions for dry skin? Looking for one with SPF also.

Cetaphil makes one. Cetaphil makes one with an SPF of 50. Neutrogena also makes some good ones. There are others, too.

Why types of lotions are the best on dry skin?

Ceramide Lotions. Especially if you have sensitive, dry skin, daily application of a fragrance-free, oil-free moisturizing lotion (cerave) will promote normal desquamation and exfoliation of the epidermis. In addition, it contains ceramide that will reduce insensible water loss and enhance the barrier function and epidermal and dermal water content.

Please recommend the best lotion for extremely dry skin?

Reduce use of soap. Limit soap to the critical areas (hands, face, axillae, and groin) and use no washcloth or loufa. I bet the dry skin will disappear in days.

Please help! What is the best lotion to use for dry skin?

Alvin'sBestSnakeOil. Of course I'm being facetious b/c there really isn't one best lotion for everyone. So before looking for solutions, focus on causes of dry skin eg http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/diseases-conditions/dry-skin/basics/causes/con-20030009. Check out http://www. Webmd. Com/beauty/dry-skin-13/cosmetic-procedures-skin-care-dry-skin for helpful ingredients in dry skin lotions. Failing that, go c ur Dermatologist.

Can you tell me what is the best lotion for extremely dry skin?

Many different kinds. Dry skin reflects weather conditions and dehydration, drink more water and less cafeine, 30% humidity with dry heat helps any formula you use. Depending on the condition of your skin some people respond better to the thinner lotions becaise they get better absorbed and others do better with the thicker preparations because they coat and protect.

What is the best body lotion for someone with extremely dry skin?

Depends. You can try amlactin, cetaphil, or eucerin lotion-remember everyone respond differently-one may works well for you, but not necessary for others or vice versa. If not work, you can see dermatologist.

What to do if I have really bad dry skin in the winter and I can't usethe best lotion I can use that will keep my skin clear but isn't scented?

Dry skin. Avoid lengthy showers w hot water (warm is better). Oil-based moisturizers hydrate skin. Moisturize skin often. Hydrate well – especially w water. Eat a nutritious diet. Use gentle soaps or cleansers that are unscented & hypoallergenic. Avoid deodorant soaps or other harsh soaps. Remember that you don’t have to wash entire body w soap every day. Use soap on areas that are dirty or where body.

What is the best lotion for very dry skin?

Recommendations. Functional lotions, such as those that replace sphingolipid ceramide (e.g., cerave) work very well as moisturizers, either as a cream or a lotion, in the treatment of xerosis cutis or dry skin.