Had blocked ear do to allergies. Did a ear wax removal kit. Still seemed plugged up two days later went to do peroxide/water it was cold now vertigo?

Blocked ear. You probably still have wax in the ear. Use a bulb syringe and warm water so you do not get dizzy. The cold water will always cause you to get dizzy. Do not use cold water. You can use some more peroxide or you can get it sucked out by your local ent. You so not have to suffer any longer. See the ent, if you are frustrated. It is fun to get your ear cleaned out by a professional, .
Vertigo. It seems everything started from clogging of the ears for which you tried ear wax removal drops. Putting liquid in your ear can cause a sensation of off balance or vertigo. I suggest going to an ENT that can take a good look and inspect your ears, perform a hearing test if necessary.