Can CT scan tell difference between mild diffuse fatty infiltration of liver vs cirrhosis?

Yes. I am guessing you've been diagnosed with nonalcoholic fatty liver after having raised liver enzymes and proving not to have hepatitis b or c, autoimmune hepatitis, wilson's (don't miss that one) or hemochromatosis. This sometimes progresses but usually doesn't; if it were my liver, i'd adopt a radical fitness-focused aerobic kind of lifestyle in addition to possible rx & diet.
Sometimes. Cirrhosis DX based on symptoms, physical exam, and history of risk factors such as alcoholism. Obesity is now most common cause for fatty liver. Fatty infiltration can cause enlargement of liver.Cirrhosis usually causes hardening with scarring and reduction in liver size. Ct exam can sometimes detect fatty infiltration by reduced density of liver in some cases. Most accurate DX is biopsy of liver.

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Ct scan tell difference between mild fatty liver infiltration vs cirrhosis? Alt 142 AST 77

Depends. It depends on appearance of liver. With cirrhosis the liver may appear more nodular in appearance versus smooth echo texture but to truly determine whether or not cirrhosis is present or to what degree your liver has been damaged you need a biopsy. Read more...
Depends.... Classic definition of fatty infiltration of the liver (ie, hepatosteatosis) is a 10 hounsfield difference of attenuation between liver and spleen on an unenhanced ct. Secondary sequela of cirrhosis can be demonstrated on a ct such as macrolobulated border and nodule formation as well as sequela of portal hypertension. However, fatty liver and cirrhosis can co-exist and a biopsy can differentiate. Read more...