Is a B12 level of 294 low enough to cause symptoms? Iron studies are being done now. Rdw is high, hemo low and MCH low. 10 brain lesions on MRI and hert palps and dizziness.

Symptoms B12. Level of 294 is borderline low. I would do a confirmation study (mma). If it is elevated -and if your iron is okay- then likely vit B12 deficiency contributes to your anemia. Yes, it can cause some symptoms-like fatigue, numbness, tingling, forgetful etc- but not heart palpitation- unless if your hemoglobin is less than 8-then yes, you could have palpitation and dizziness from it. F/u md.
Yes, but also... Yes, a B12 of 294 can cause many symptoms- see http://bit.Ly/1607tg3 low B12 may be contributing to some of your symptoms and is well worth addressing, but as my colleagues have mentioned, it appears you have other significant health issues as well. Continue with your regular doctors but it may be advisable to consult a holistic doctor as well help sort this out. See http://bit.Ly/19pettq.
Serious. You have more important issues than b12. Follow closely with your doctors, and get diagnosis and treatment for the CNS lesions. Good luck to you.
Unlikely; CVDs. B12 borderline low but hb ?=anemia (assume minimal; low hct not mentioned), mch=?ed hb/rbc, ?ed RDW reflects broadened spectrum of rbc sizes. Iron very low unlikely without MCV low (also not mentioned). Brain "lesions" most commonly ischemic=cardiovascular ds/advanced atherosclerosis, but can be any of many others. Symptoms unlikely b12. Focus on putting together bigger picture. Study my answers.