Can you see a bone tumor on an xray?

Sometimes. I assume you are referring to a primary tumor of the bone rather than a tumor that has spread to the bone from another site. It depends on they specific type of bone tumor, the involved bone and the size of the tumor. Sometimes special scans such as a ct or MRI scan are needed to detect a bone tumor.
Usually yes. Most bone tumors, primary and metastatic are visible on x-ray, unless too small or too early.

Related Questions

How can you differentiate primary malignant bone tumor from metastatic bone disease in x-ray?

Several ways. A primary bone tumor might have certain radiographic characterisitics that are different than metastatic bone disease. Multiple bone tumors strongly suggests metastases. The presence of a prior cancer also strongly suggests that a bone tumor is metastastic.

Can a soft tissue ultrasound and x ray of the tibia show abnormalities like bone tumor or a cyst?

Yes, to an extent,,, Both of these exam techniques can be used to look for things like tumors and cysts. The X Ray is very often used for tumors of the bone and lung while the Ultrasound can be used for ovarian and liver lesions.

53 yr old female. Upper back pain with spasms x2 mths. No definate dx. Dr said recent chest xray would show cancer or bone tumor. Is this true? Thank you

See orthopedist. Probably should get some more attention for this issue.
Spine nerve irritate. Spinal nerve root irritation always causes muscle spasms. If the pain is primarily due to nerve damage, there are symptoms of pins and needles, numbness, burning, shooting and sharp pains. If the pain is due to nerve irritation with predominant muscle spasm, the pain is usually aching, cramping, dull, and the muscles are stiff and tight. You will need to be evaluated by your family doctor and a.
MRI NEEDED. The short a answer is : a normal chest x ray is reassuring but I would want to see an MRI of the area, just to be sure.
Not necessarily. Significant persistent pain in the upper back needs to be adequately investigated. There are several benign causes of spinal pain which are common. Cancer of the spine or other tumors are possible but statistically less common.

So my orthopedic surgeon thinks I might have a torn meniscus or bone tumor I go see him on Wed for the MRI results my knee hurts so bad the pain is ba?

That would. Be an unusual differential diagnosis....bone tumors are uncommon and don't generally cause the classic symptoms of meniscal tears. Since you have already had the MRI, you need to get the results from your doc to figure out what is going on. I'm not sure of your question, could you be more specific?