My external occipital protoreal bone back of my head is lil swollen and sore could it be caused by wisdom tooth coming in no other symptoms healthy 31?

Highly Unlikely. That sounds highly unlikely. But, there's one sure way to find out...Just have your wisdom teeth removed (which you probably should have done anyway), and see what happens to your swelling. If the swelling persists, it's obviously not related. In any case, any swelling which lasts longer than a few days should be checked anyway, so have that lump looked at regardless of your wisdom teeth.
Unlikely. This would be an unlikely cause of the swelling. Could be inflammation as a result of hair pulling related to vigorous hair brushing or pulling hair to put into a pony-tail. Make sure that you try to relieve any undue pressure to this area. If solves the issue great if not go in for evaluation.