How much would traditional bridges for teeth cost?

Varies. Depends on which state you are in and other work needed to be done to fit the bridge, the cost will be added and depends on what kind , too. So you maybe looking at $2500 and up. Best to ask your dentist.
Dependent on # A traditional fixed bridge is a prosthesis to replace one or more teeth by anchoring to the teeth next to spaces. Bridging the gap. These crowns go over anchor teeth and others fill in empty space, then are cemented in place. The cost is mainly dependent on how many teeth involved. More teeth more cost. Your dentist can provide you with an estimate on cost and what will work best for you.
Wrong approach. This cannot be answered easily in the manner you presented it. It's like asking how much does a car or a house cost to buy. You need to see a dentist for an exam, x-rays and consultation. He\she can then discuss your replacement options, pros and cons of each method, prognosis of each, and related fees. If necessary, see someone else for a second opinion. Consider value and not just cost.
See a dentist. There are removable bridges & cement on bridges. Removable bridges may be plastic or metal base bridges may be on teeth or on implants bridges may replace 1 or many missing teeth. Bridges may be made out of porcelain fused to gold or to non-precious or semi-precious metals or in specific cases all ceramic. Teeth supporting bridges may need added work to make them suitable for bridge support.