How long does an asthma attack last?

Varies... Asthma exacerbation can last for a few minutes to a few days to weeks depending on the degree of bronchospasm and inflammation and how it responds to routine therapy. The earlier in the exacerbation a person seeks help, the sooner it typically responds.
Depends. Asthma attacks, or acute bronchospasm, can last as little as a few minutes for minor attacks that are treated promptly. In come cases the asthma attack is so severe that the patient is hospitalized, put on a breathing machine and can potentially die. The length of asthma attacks are variable and there really is not set answer.

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How long does an asthma attack actually last?

Depends. The length of time an asthma attack lasts depends upon many factors including general state of health anfd importantly the trigger or cause.True asthma usually requires medication, but may not resolve , even with medication, until the trigger is removed. So, if no better consult your doctor. Read more...

How long does a typical asthma attack last?

Varies... An asthma exacerbation can last any where from a few minutes to days, even weeks. The sooner during an exacerbation you seek treatment, the shorter the asthma episode is likely to be. So, it is important to know how your doctor wants you to treat an exacerbation and when to seek er level care so the episode resolves as quickly as possible. Asthma can be life-threatening so get help quickly. Read more...