How to burn more fat?

Eat less, exercise. Fat can be hard (visceral) or soft. Both types respond to calorie restriction, low intensity work outs since fast workouts burn more sugar, hydration. Visceral fat also usually needs metformin since there is Insulin resistance with this. Burning fat with lasers can also work when accompanied with calorie restriction and exercise.
Exercise. Aerobic exercise, like walking and running, can help speed up your metabolism, so you will burn more fat. You also need to reduce your dietary intake.
Mainly exercise. good news, google "post-exercise effect". As that cleaning house after a party burns energy, getting body back to baseline after a workout takes additional calories too. WHile diabetes, thyroid, depression lower metabolic rate; you can't just take a pill (other than dinitrophenol which is often fatal) that boost energy.

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How can walking burn more fat than running?

Walking. Speed walking, uphill, & longer distance will burn more than a slow, level, short run. Read more...
Running vs walking. Walking and running can improve energy, decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, decrease your risk of disease and make you feel better emotionally. Running is more vigorous exercise so you'll burn more fat. However, running is a high-impact sport and may be hard on your joints. Read more...

How do I burn more fat?

Exercise. Burning fat comes from engaging in both cardiovascular exercise and weight training. Try to make this an almost daily routine to boost the metabolism and burn that fat. Read more...