Could fm causes pain in the front ribs of the chest cage. That means when I press on the ribs below the breast.? What should I do?

No. There are strict criteria for fm. Saying it is pain everywhere is what leads to the misdiagnosis of fm. You must have pain above and below the waist and in the right and left sides. Failure to have pain in all four quadrants plus 11 of 18 defined tender spots (your spot is not one of those) means you do not meet the american college of rheumatology criteria for fm.
No. That is not a defined tender point for fm. I suggest you see your family doctor.
Yes. Fibromyalgia can cause pain anywhere, though they describe specific tender spots. If the pain is over the ribs, it could well be costochondritis. In which case you may need some Motrin for a few days. Or check with your doctor.