I am 71. At age 62 I had her2 positive and ER positive breast cancer with 6 positive nodes out of 16, . What are the odds of return of breast cancer?

Good odds. You are in pretty good territory 9 years after the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. You should have been on antiestrogen therapy for a minimum of 5 years, and probably for a full 10 years. Although breast cancer is known to occur more than 20 years after it is first diagnosed, this is unusual.
Double-edged Sword. It is hard to give you a number under any circumstance, but especially without the knowledge of your treatment. As you probably learned 9 years ago, women with 4 or more lns involved and her2/neu(+) disease are at high risk for recurrence. Nevertheless, recurrences in her2/neu patients tend to occur within the first 5-10 years. So, at 9yrs we should be optimistic that you will continue to do well.

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What are the odds of having stage 2B invasive ductal carcinoma her2 positive breast cancer and papillary thyroid cancer at age 40?

Odds are low. But it is still possible to have both. Risk of having papillary thyroid before forty is about 13/100,000. Risk of having breast Ca is about 11/100,000. The overlap of the two independent events is slightly less than 1 in a million. Read more...

ER+PR+HER2+breast cancer, stage 2b- lymph vascular invasion-what r stats/odds it's spread to other parts of the body?

Staging workup. If you know, you are a stage 2b, then I assume you have had surgery. If you were a stage 4, which is spread to other parts of the body, that would be known and dictate your treatment. A CT or PET scan can determine if there is spread to other areas of the body. Speak to your oncology team about your concerns so they can provide you with additional info. Good luck!! Read more...