Can HPV cause fatigue?

No. Not related to that but as u know many other factors can cause that please see your pcp for evaluation.
Yes. Any chronic infection can cause fatigue. Boost your immunity to get rid of the infection faster by going on a gluten and dairy free diet (only butter and heavy cream are OK to use). Take Megafood Megaflora Plus probiotic, zinc supplement 50mg/day (NOW is a good brand), get 30-45 min of sunshine at noon daily.

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Can hpv cause fatigue and flue like symptoms? I have been diagnosed 2 years ago. I'm negative to all other stds and all bloodworks are normal.

Not HPV. HPV doesn't cause fatigue or any other systemic symptoms. Also, with 2 years having passed, it is likely your HPV infection has been cleared by your immune system and is now gone. However, if you (still?) have genital warts, see a doctor for treatment. Read more...