What are some of the common podiatry problems associated with laxity?

Ligament laxity. May or may not cause a problem. It does not necessaroy have too. It can lead to hypermobility of joints which in turn can lead to biomechanical issues such as bunions or flatfeet.
Common sprain. Habbitual ankle sprain is one of those. I see a few patients with that. I recommend ankle bracing and physical therapy for strengthening. If ineffective, may even consider surgery.
Flat feet. Bunions, plantar fasciatis. A propulsive gait. Are a few common problems.
Most common thing . I see is an increased chance of ankle sprain.
Laxity. Laxity commonly can lead to ankle instability, plantar fascial issues, flexible flat feet that can cause gait abnormalities, formation of bunions, and fatigued feet.
Bunions Flatfeet. Ligament out laxity can be associated with Bunions, Flatfeet, splaying of the feet. I also see ankle join instability and hyperpronation, which can cause bunions, tailor's bunion(bunionette). Neuromas, tarsal tunnel syndrome, hammertoes, and Posterior Tibial Tendonitis can all be related to hyperpronation.
Several things. Sprains and strains woul be the most common problems. You could also have dislocations of joints depending on the extent of the laxity.