My 5 month old son has a small pimple on his penis and it won't pop. Should I take him into the doctor?

Leave it alone. Small inclusions of smegma just under adherent penile skin sometimes look like a pimple. It could also be a blocked skin gland. Don't try to pop it. U don't mention any tenderness, pain or discomfort so don't touch. . He probably has a dr's appointment for an age-6-month check up. Suggest u wait until then. Only needs attention if is obviously causing inflammation (red discoloration).If so see dr.
Yes. It's probably just a plugged oil gland, but a physician needs to see it to make sure. And please don't try to pop it again! that must have hurt!
Pimple on penis 5 mo. A pimple on the penis may a banign lesion which may not require any tratment but it may be an infectious pimple.You should have it checked by your pediatrician.