What helps swelling from a broken nose?

Nose fracture. Ice packs are helpful to reduce swelling. Head elevation also helps. Afrin nasal spray cvan be used to help the nasal congestion which is usually present for a few days. Be sure to be checked by an ENT within 5-7 days after the swelling goes down to see if surgery is needed. If you wait more than 10-14 days, surgery may be much more difficult and invasive.
Broken nose. if the break is recent, basic things like keeping your head elevated and using cool compresses may help help with the swelling. Be sure to have your nose evaluated by a board certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise in nasal procedures.
Head elevation, ice. Keep your head elevated above your heart while resting or sleeping and apply iced gauze or light ice packs to the area.
Swelling broken nose. The only think which can help swelling of broken noe is ice locally in the first 48 hours.

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Had a broken nose about three or for weeks ago, swelling went down on my nose and under eye, but now I have swelling above my left eye, is it normal?

Eye Bone fracture? That could be a sign of an orbital fracture. Do you have any double vision which is sometimes a sign of an orbital fracture? Nasal fractures are commonly associated with eye bone fracture especially the thin bones of the medial orbital wall which opens into the ethmoid sinus( nose).In any event you should be checked by your ophthalmologist who might decide to refer you to an oculoplastic surgeon. Read more...