Twitching in lower abdomen, pregnancy signs?

Maybe. After 18-20 weeks pregnancy, pregnant women ill be "showing", with visible enlargement of the abdomen. Around that time, "quickening" occurs, which is the first sensation or perception of fetal movement. If you think you're pregnant, do a test and see your doctor.

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Is twitching in lower abdomen pregnacy?

Nope. Not in the lower abdomen, Not in the upper abdomen, Not twitching in a box, Not twitching with a fox! I do not like Green Eggs and Ham. I do not Like them Sam I am. Couldn't resist that memory spark. Perhaps Dr. Seuss would've found a way to incorporate that into a rhyme had he been a gynecologist! Pregnancy's not predicted by abdominal twitching. Talk to me about the pregnancy test. Read more...