What is medial retinacular reefing with lateral retinacular release mean?

Not easy question. Partial chondroplasty is to shave the rough surfaces of the inside femoral condyle to make smooth. The reason show tilt is because there is more pressure on the inside than outside.
Let me help. If you see the picture of the knee, we could see the knee cap controlled by 4 muscles, when they are in balance, the knee cap will be in good position, when they are not we have problem.So we do release on outside muscle( lateral retinacular release), and tinting the inside muscle(medial retinacular reefing) to correct that imbalance. This way the patella will function correctly. Thank you.
Let me help. As you could see in the picture there are medial and lateral side, when we have arthritis on the medial side of the patella, this means the cartilage start having some problems, usually the cartilage is smooth so no friction, but with this condition start get rough and form debris and inflation, follow.