What does low potassium and low glucose cause?

Depends on level. Low potassium can cause muscle pain, cramps, weakness, paralysis, and even heart rhythm disturbance. Low glucose can cause a variety of symptoms including shakiness, sweating, palpitation, and most concerning brain dysfunction, e.g. Confusion and even seizure. Above are not complete lists. Extent of symptoms are in part related to severity of drop in levels.

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Insulin 64 after high carbs and glucose 54 & hypokalemia. I'm hypokalemic PP diagnosed but wonder if congenital hyperinsulin can cause low potassium?

Insulin and carbs. Rachel, I wish I could help you but your comments are unclear. What do you mean by "insulin 64" and glucose 54? Have you been told that you have "congenital hyper-insulin"? In that case your doctor would have referred you to a surgeon. If you can, please give me some more information. Read more...