A teen's parents will not let him see a doctor for two weeks after he has had strep throat. What should be done immediately?

Strep throat. It is diffult to answer this question without knowing who diagnosed the teen with strep throat and whether he or she was treated with a full course of antibiotics.If the treatment was completed then there is no problem.If the teen never saw the doctor then the diagnosis is in doubt, it may be a sore throat which may or may not be strep.But sore throat for two weeks need to be checked by md.
Maybe nothing. If was treated and no symptoms now, no need for further treatment. It is not that critical to treat strepthroat in the first place--it will go away. Compliation from it is (heart valve problem yrs later) is actually quite rare. If still with pain/fever, he needs to be checked. Good luck.
Report. Failure to attain proper medical care for a kid of any age is considered medical neglect. The actual diagnosis is irrelevant if this is the pattern of behavior of these parents. Many states have a hotline where you can report abuse/neglect of children or older adults. In my state the reporting person is kept confidential and not subject to any legal risk if the report is in good faith.
Strep Tonsillitis. Make sure its really strep throat because if untreated it will recurr and then you really have to see a dr.The importance of treatment is to prevent rheumatic fever and having aheart problem later on.