I have a physically disabled son/angry abusive husband. Lot's of stress. Had surgery on unruptured brain aneurysm 3 months. Will this affect my coils?

Abusive husband. Living with an abusive, angry husband is not safe even without a brain aneurysm or surgically placed coils. There is help for you in counseling/psychotherapy -- to help deal with your stress and explore your options. There's also direct support for those in your situation plus shelters that you could go (along with your son) to if this is what you decide to do. http://tinyurl.com/nz2ad.
Not good. The significant stress you are under at home, particularly with your emotional and ? Physical safety constantly are at risk, threatens your health and your son's health in more ways than can be expressed! the stress threatens rupture due to increased blood pressure. Please get help (med eval and coping support) and if your husband does not engage in therapy, get your son&yourself out for both of u.
It should not. The purpose of the coils was to obliterate the aneurysm from the inside. This will withstand the blood pressure pulsations from within and protect the dome of the aneurysm. External factors like stress should not affect the aneurysm coils. Stress can affect other things like blood pressure or the heart.