What should I have for breakfast to feel better in the morning?

Trial and error. No specific breakfast food makes everyone feels well. If you have a really physical job, you should try to have a hearty/solid breakfast..More proteins etc.. Cereals/fruits are mostly sugar/carbs and thus not going to last long. Try out different things..It is better to have a variety of foods (less borning). Once u get used to eating breakfast, they all may be ok for you. Stay healthy.. Good luck.
Breakfast. Pick something high in protein, fibers and nutrients. Eggs, whole-grain bread, oatmeal or cereals with some fruits and nuts would be good. drink a glass of fruit juice, low-fat milk or soy milk. Avoid high-calorie, refined, processed meats loaded with saturated fat, salt and nitrites (sausage, bacon and ham). Avoid high calorie, high glycemic, refined grains. Avoid adding sugar.