Had appendix removed. Pathology report said acute appendicitis. Wats this mean? Surgery went well.

Good . It means you have acute appendicitis that require surgery , glad all went well you never have to worry about anther attach .
Pathology report. When you have "appendicitis", we expect the pathology report to confirm the diagnosis - which is exactly what your report did. The operation successfully took care of that for you. All good.
Infection. It means you had appendicitis or in other words an inflamed and infected appendix. It means you needed the operation and I am glad you are doing well.
appendicitis. Appendicitis is diagnosed when acute inflammatory cells are identified within the wall of the appendix. Given time the appendix would become abscessed and would rupture leading to a very serious life threatening infection of the abdominal cavity. A simple surgery, an appendectomy, has cured your problem.