Can I clear genital warts at home?

See your doctor. Genital warts are caused by the hpv virus family and are often treated in the office with freezing with cryotherapy or with electrocautery. In addition, between visits prescription to use at home are often given including either Aldara cream, Condylox (podofilox) Gel or other medications. Also, Gardasil is a vaccine that helps prevent some hpv infections. See a dermatologist to discuss options.
No. You can treat them at home with prescription medicine but do not treat genital warts with over the counter medications intended for non genital areas. It may result in scarring and make it more difficult to treat it properly.

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How to remove flat genital warts at home?

Genital warts. Since warts are caused by a virus, hpv, it is best to be seen by a doc to get proper treatment. There are many at home treatments available.
Genital warts. There is no single effective cure for removal of genital warts. A number of treatment options exist; however, no treatment is 100% effective in eliminating warts and preventing them from coming back in all patients. It also is not possible to eliminate infection with human papillomavirus once it has occurred. Genital warts may go away on their own in about 10%-20% of people over 3-5 months.

Are there any effective ways to remove genital warts at home?

No. There are no safe remedies. The over-the-counter medications for treating warts are not designed to accomodate the delicate genital tissue or the moist environment present there. The treatments can cause severe burning and/or rash to treated genitals.
No. Removal of genital warts should be left to your physician. Don't be tempted to do-it-yourself with over-the-counter remedies as these are not designed for genital tissue.

What is home remedies to lessen the pain of genital warts?

Maybe local, needstx. If you have genital warts, you need to get them treated. You can use a numbing like neosporin plus for symptom relief, but u need a gyno to do an office treatment like tca or Podophyllin to get rid of them.

I think I have genital warts. Is there a way to treat this at home?

Not really. Self treatment with over-the-counter products like Compound W have never been carefully studied to know their effectiveness against genital warts. Also, many apparent warts are actually other conditions; self diagnosis is not wise. Best to see a doctor then follow his or her professional advice about management.
No. The topical preparations over the counter are not advised. It is quicker and safer to let your doctor to treat them.
No. It's not safe to use medications for treating genital warts before having a confirmed diagnosis. Please consult your doctor. Https://patient. Info/health/anogenital-warts-leaflet.

Can you tell me when will my genital warts clear up (even temporarily)?

Genital Warts. Are a form of human papilloma virus and they sometimes completely resolve (sorry, I have no time line for you). Are you getting treatment?

Help please! I don't know when will my genital warts clear up (even temporarily)?

You need treatment. The virus lives in the warts and multiplies in the warts untreated warts spread and get bigger.