Can I give my son the MMR vaccine before he is 4?

MMR. 1st is at age 12-15 month. 2nd at age 4years old (but it could be given before age 4 year. Specially if concern about kid not conning back for 4 year old visit).

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If I give menectra vaccine to my son. How soon after can I give him MMR vaccine? Thank you

At the same time. I give this at the same visit if the kid needs them. There is no time sensitivity issue. You can go back in and have it given at any time.

Should I give into my sister-in-laws constant nagging of getting the MMR vaccine for my 11 month old son?

Absolutely. An MMR is part of the scheduled vaccinations for your 11 month old. He should get that along with all of his other vaccinations in order to protect not only him but also those around him from these highly contagious and often dangerous diseases.
MMr vaccine. Vaccine in children is essential to help protecting children against life threatening illnesses like measles, rubella and mumps. Yes, you need to nag her to do.
At or after age 1. Unless you are located or traveling through a region with a known outbreak, we don't give this until a year of age and a booster between 4-6. As long as someone anywhere in the world can fly in while incubating these illnesses, they can pass them to your unvaccinated kid. The past research used as scare tactics by the vaccine hater crowd from 1998 was proven fraudulent.

My son previously got his MMR vaccine on tuesday. From thursday he has had a high temp, flushed cheeks, now cold sweats! No appitie either. Help!

MMR. Usually side effects from the MMR vaccine are seen within 7-12 days after the vaccine. Fever and rash are considered amongst the "mild" side-effects. It's also possible that your son has something completely different. Encourage hydration: water, pedialyte, juice, may use ibuprofen or acetaminophen to decrease temp. If fever is greater than 39' Celsius (about 103'F) then report to your pedi doc.
Call peds UC clinic. Hopefully not the flu. Unfortunately, physician offices and pharmacies are where ill people go to seek help which can mean an exposure to a viral illness like the flu. Without an appetite, a baby can become dehydrated rapidly. Try pedialyte or Ricelyte for hydration. Try a lukewarm sponge bath, tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen for fever comfort. Could also be erythemum infectiosum or 5th's disease, viral.

Can my son use his ventolin inhaler after the MMR vaccine?

Yes. If it is needed, it won't interfere with the vaccine effectiveness or cause side effects.

In mmr vaccine 1st shot, what determines if toddler gets fever or not? And how high the fever can reach? My son has a fever of 39.8 c 1 week after shot

Return to doctor. Fever after an immunization usually lasts 48 hours or less. More likely, the fever is due to an infectious illness. Please return to your son's doctor as soon as possible for follow up.