Are joint pain and clicking linked to pantoprazole or sinusitis?

No. Pantoprazole is not known for causing joint pain as a side-effect. Sinusitis can be linked to joint pain (more commnly muscle aches) if you have a virus, but is short-lived. The most common virus that is associated with joint pain is parvovirus.
Maybe. It is very hard to answer this question in a simple manner. Generally the answer would be no but there are certain conditions, including some serious ones that could link sinus disease and joint pain. One in particular, called wegener's granulomatosis can link the two although there may be many other features present in this disease as well.

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Are bad joint pain and fatigue possibly linked to pantoprazole?

Rare. I believe studies have shown that joint pain occurred in about 2% of people taking the drug and about 1% in those taking placebo. I believe fatigue is also unlikely. These are rare side effects to the drug but we know every patient is different. Read more...
Yes. Serious? Pantoprazole (protonix) has been linked to arthralgias (joint pains) and rarely to blood dyscrasias (abnormalities), liver disease etc this might be serious. Stop now and see your md if problems persist. Read more...