My EKG results were all normal except: RVIDd (3.9 vs. 1.9-3.8), Excursion (1.0 vs. 2-3.5) and trace regurgitation for mitral. LVEF 54%. I get shoulder pain after exercise with elevated cardiac levels. Should I get more tests done?

Yes. This needs further evaluation. Discuss with your cardiologist.
Echo. The data you list is echo not ECG and not sure what you mean by cardio levels. You may not have a cardiac problem but can't tell from what you wrote. Seeing a cardiologist should clarify your symptom cause.
Yes. I would see a cardiologist. I'd suggest a minimum of a treadmill stress test, and possibly a nuclear stress test. 42 is pretty young for coronary vascular disease, but if does happen. I'd want to lay this matter to rest with a good cardiologist as soon as possible. Seek emergency care for pain that does not resolve completely within a few minutes or if other symptoms are present.