I'm 23, I have one child. After I gave birth, my sex drive decreased. I especially have a decrease drive during my "fertile period". Why? Ttc also!

Decreased libido. Women's sex drive is more linked to the emotional state than man's ..... If you feel like you are not loved, respected, like you are not able to communicate with your partner... Libido is the first to go... Stress and exhaustion also play a big role for women... Take the time to get away with your partner... Stop and truly communicate with one another... Check out marraigetoday.Com ..
No one can answer. Possibly there is no answer. I doubt that there is a physiological reason. Perhaps there is a psychological complication standing in the way of your ttc. It might be possible to uncover ambivalent feelings in a trusting therapy relationship. Perhaps you just need some time and a chance to center down. Therapists can be great supporters & helpful listeners.