What changes on an EKG in a patient with cardiac hypertrophy?

High voltage. Most prominent and prequent is high-voltage appearing on your ekg...But must meet certain criteria make it hypertrophy (lvh--left ventricular hypertrophy). There may be some changes such as strain-pattern after the "qrs complexes etc.. If you have training in this, you know what I am talking about.. If not, this probably sounds greek to you. Consult your doc--do ekg and tell you... Good luck.

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92 yrs old female, cardiac hypertrophy, hypertension and renal problem, severe anemic. What are safe iron medication 4 her.??

Depends on cause. of her anemia. She could have nutritional deficit other than iron deficiency, also occult bleeding, also hemolysis. Even if she really does have iron deficiency anemia alone, she could have absorption problems. Assuming everything else is negative, you can try ferrous sulfate or ferrous gluconate. But get her to a doctor first before you try. Read more...