I believe my UTI medication is slowing down breast milk production, will I start to produce more milk once im off the antibiotics?

Not sure. The commonly used antibiotics shouldn't interfere with lactation. Ask your doctor about prescribing an ulcer medication called reglan (metoclopramide). This can help increase milk production.

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Breast milk production am I pregnant?

Do not know. Breast milk production naturally occurs if pregnant....It would be helpful if you did a pregnancy test and see your doctor. There are a couple conditions that are not normal where a woman can lactate inappropriately. ..

My wife's breast milk production has greatly reduced after her levoxyl (thyroxine) been readjusted to 50 from 75. Is it possible coz nothing else has changed.?

Unlikely. Although Levoxyl (thyroxine) can have endocrine and metabolic adverse effects, such as menstrual irregularities, I doubt that your wife's diminished breast milk production is related. As an aside, although Levoxyl (thyroxine) enters breast milk, adverse events to infant or mother during breast feeding have not been reported. I am not sure of the cause of your wife's decreased milk production.

My fiance suffers from hyperthyroidism and is breast feeding. Would hyperthyroidism affect breast milk production negatively. And what can we do?

Breast milk supply. Yes hyperthyroidism can affect milk supply. Natural ways to increase breast milk supply: drink plenty of water, reduce stress, Fenugreek Seeds. Mother's Milk Tea, pump (a pain but works), Blessed thistle; eat more carbs like oats/ drink beer; ; if absolutely need Rx: Reglan (metoclopramide): consult with us to help you solve this concern.

I heard that panadol (acetaminophen) decreases breast milk production. Is it true?

No. Panadol (tylenol, acetaminophen) has not been associated with decreases in breast milk production. Though it crosses into breast milk no observable changes have been associated to nursing infants of mothers on acetaminophen. As with other drugs, consider use only if benefits to mother out weighs any potential risk to the infant.

What can increase your breast milk supply? Milk slowing down and I want to continue breast feeding (possibly pregnant again)

Feed to make more. The primary inducement to increased volume is frequent and efficient emptying. If you are introducing solids, make sure you breast feed first, and use the solids as a skill builder rather than a nutrition source. We want baby to learn how to take solids, but not to the point your flow drops. Pleanty of fluids and a balanced diet helps, la leche league has some good info available on their sites.
Fenugreek. First find out if you are pregnant from your obgyn. There is an herb called fenugreek that can increase your milk supply. You can either take pills of it or there is a brand called milky! Http://www. Needbrands. Com/index. Php/milky. Html which might be a little expensive, but I heard it works. But it makes you and possibly your baby smell like syrup. But if you are pregnant again, don't take any!
Several options. Fenugreek, reglan, (metoclopramide) and dom peridone may all increase milk supply. Fenugreek is over the counter, but the other two require a prescription. Dom peridone works the best. Ask your doctor for his/her recommendation and prescription.

How can I increase breast milk production?

See below. Fen u greek and brewers yeast have been used to increase breast milk production. You can also try pumping.

How to increase your breast milk production quickly?

Breast milk. Eat healthy, get rest, drink plenty of fluids and breast feed/pump every 2-3 hours.