Does teething interfere with a baby's ability to breastfeed?

No. Congratulations on feeding your baby till she is teething! don't worry, you can continue to breastfeed even when the baby is teething. It should not cause you to stop or interfere your baby's ability to nurse. Keep up the good work!
No. Probably not! in my opinion, teething is highly over rated and blamed for everything! breastfed babies often go through a stage of "biting" while nursing, but this is behavioral/developmental. If a babies' tooth is clearly trying to break through the gum, and seems to be causing pain while feeding, ask your pediatrician for advice. You may want to give a mild pain reliever for 1-2 days.
No. Make sure that your baby does not baby starts using your nipples to teethe on. Sometimes a mother's reaction to being bitten is enough to discourage a baby from doing this. Try to slip your finger between his mouth and your nipple and massage your baby's gum to sooth the discomfort.
Yes. The discomfort from teething can interfere with taking anything by mouth, but watch out - because it feels good to chew during teething, you might be more likely to get bitten.
No. Generally, no, but babies often have a strong desire to bite when teething. That may cause the baby to bite down on the nipple which can be very painful! be sure not to try to breastfeed when the baby isn't eager to do it, as she may be more likely to bite in that case. If she does bite, take her off immediately. Babies can and will learn to feed without biting over time!
No. Usually not. It is not polite to bite the "hand that feeds you". As babies are getting ready to wean from the breast they may get a little frisky and nip at the bit.
No. Not for baby, but maybe for mom! just kidding. Any infant will bite you a few times if you are nursing as teeth begin to erupt. If baby bites, immediately take her off the breast for 15-30 seconds. Interrupting her pleasant feeding like this will quickly teach her not to bite if she wants to continue eating. But be consistent in your response - this is how babies learn about consequences.
No. Typically teething shouldn't interfere with your baby's ability to breast feed. Very often the act of nursing is actually soothing to your baby. In extreme circumstances, a baby may be so cranky she can't feed because of her teeth, but even then, a little tylenol (acetaminophen) should be sufficient to soothe her before feeding.
No. In short, no... However, some babies do have enough pain and irritability with teething that they simply dont feed as much while teething. Motrin can help with that certainly, but mild decrease in feeding during spurts of teething is no big deal. Baby will still eat when its absolutely necessary.