What are the warning signs for concussion?

Concussion. Concussions typically can occur after a head injury. It doesn't have to be a severe head injury or have loss of consciousness. It depends on the severity of the injury. The symptoms can include headache, dizziness, vision change (blurred vision/ double vision), nausea/vomiting. If your symptoms or headache are severe, or if you have a loss of consciousness, you should get evaluated immediately.
Definition. A concussion by definition is a brief brain injury resulting in loss of consciousness, loss of memory or a combination of both. Persistent symptoms following the event may suggest additional impact on brain function and needs to be addressed.
Post Concussion. Concussion is the event...an injury to the brain. The consequences of a concussion is called Post Concussion Syndrome. Please go to my website for an in depth answer. http://www.drdiane.com/patients/traumatic-injury/post-concussion-syndrome/ please let me know if this has helped. Dr. Diane.

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What are the warning signs for a possible concussion?

Concussion. A concussion occurs when a certain level of energy from an impact is transmitted directly to the brain. This results in a temporary stoppage of higher brain function resulting in loss of consciousness. The longer the time of unconsciousness or residual drowsiness, incoherance, dizziness, nausea, etc, the greater the potential for an underlying brain injury. Read more...
Concussion warnings. symptomology is key.. What symptoms is one having? How did they occur? what kind of physical exam is presented. Read more...