What is a guy's opinion on an older female with breast implants?

Age is a state of... This has no definitive answer and is open to highly charged opinion. A 90 year old on the beach with large visible implants wearing a bikini will be the subject of conversation and derision but you can't deny her joie de vivre. Depending on overall health & ability to tolerate surgery, implant size and intended goals ( reconstruction vs augmentation) the choice is an individual/personal one.
Just a part... ...Of the overall person. I would think personality, conversational skills, and compatibility wouldl be much more important thanany breast implant details.
Scary question. No one should get implants or have them removed on the basis of anyone else's opinion! only the patient's opinion matters! no one should consider permanently altering their body based on "a guy's opinion!" think this through ver clearly before proceeding!
Are you the guy? Or. Are you the older female. I'm guessing the latter. If, after learning about breast implants, you decide they're for you, then have them & let the chips fall where they may. Plenty of young women have them! it's not a good idea to decide for or against cosmetic surgery to please someone else.
It is her body. Who are you to give opinion unless you are paying for the procedure.She has the right what she want to do with her body.