Is albomine (egg) protein better than whey to gaining muscle?

No whey. They are both equal., animal protein. All protein is treated the sameby the body. You eat, the protein is broken down into Amino Acids that can then be absorbed into the blood where it is distributed and turned back into proteins your body needs.Proteins don't get absorbed into the body unless you're sick.You hand a carpenter a tree & he'll have to turn it into boards 1st. Stay off the 'roids man.
Protein=protein. U can achieve ur daily requirements any way u want, thu food &/or supplements. They alone will not add muscle . U need a good exercise routine. I recommend joining a good health club & getting a tailored program set up by an at-c that's set up 4 ur abilities & needs. 1 on 1 for a while then in semi private groups that r usually 4-6 people. Ii have stayed in semi & it=fun. It keeps u going no cheat.
Both are fine. Albumin derived from egg may be more pricey. Whey supposedly has more branched-chain Amino Acids which some folks say supports bodybuilding, but both have plenty of all the aminio acids you need, and the amounts that a typical bodybuilder takes are more than sufficient to supply what he needs to benefit most. Glad you're doing this.

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What distinguishes whey protein from calories in gaining muscle?

Help. Whey protein gives you alot of protein with little calories--- still most of your protein should come from real foods. Read more...

Can I take whey protein for losing weight and also gaining muscle. I am female. How much dosage do you recommend?

Yes. Whey protein is very good if you are engaged in a strength training program. I would consult a personal trainer for a program and to calculate how and when to use the whey protein. Here is an online trainer that I use personally: Read more...
Whey protein is fine. It's a pretty clean and efficient protein source. If you exercise regularly and wish to gain muscle, shoot for one gram per pound of body weight of whey protein isolate - you don't need the carbohydrates nor fats in this supplement. And use in between meals, not as a meal replacement. Read more...