What causes melasma?

The. The exact cause of melasma is still unknown, however researchers theorize that melasma occurs as a result of the color-making skin cells (melanocytes) producing too much color or melanin resulting in patchy discoloration. There are also genetic and other predispositions that are the cause. Common triggers of melasma include extended sun exposure, estrogen supplements, birth control pills, and pregnancy.
Overactive pigment. Certain people will develop extra pigment on the face when exposed to sun or after pregnancy. The melanocytes produce and disperse extra pigment in the skin.

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What causes melasma? My friend randomly developed a spot on her face that she says is called melasma. What causes this? .

Melasma . Melasma is a common acquired increase in pigmentation occuring exclusively in sun-exposed areas that is typically brownish in color. It tends to be prominent (but not exclusively) among latinos and asians, and more apparent during and after periods of sun exposure. It mostly arises from pregnancy (chloasma) and oral contraceptives, but can also be associated with endocrine dysfunction, genetic factors, certain medications, nutritional deficiencies, among other things. Read more...

What would cause melasma in my sister (32) and I (26) about 6 months apart? We both have it on our top lip. : (im sorry... On my sister and i.

Hormones and sun. Melasma is a common problem which is mostly in women. It is related to estrogenic hormones and sun-exposure in women. Treatment needs to be directed to both. Pregnancy and birth control pills are common triggers in women. See your dermatolgist. Read more...

Do all birth control pills have the chance of causing melasma? What about weight gain?

Combined OC. Melasma is mostly seen with combined oc's, those that have estrogen an progesterone. The mini pill or Progesterone only pills do not usually cause that much of an effect. Read more...