Can chewing tobacco cause throat cancer?

Snuff and chew. Tobacco products are most likely associated with oral cavity cancers (cheek, tongue, floor of mouth, gum) but oropharynx (tonsil, tongue base, voice box and hypopharynx (area behind and next to voice box, larynx) are susceptible to carcinogens in these products. They also ruin your teeth, give you bad breath, and make you a social pariah. It's addictive too.
Chewing tobacco. Tobacco can cause mouth cancer when chewed, and cancer in the rest of the respiratory tract when smoked. With an increased risk of cancer anywhere tobacco touches, why use! Get help to stop from your doctor.
Yes. Tobacco use is associated with mouth and throat cancer, as well cancers in other parts of the body.
Absolutely. Oral cancer is on the rise and both smoking and chewing tobacco are carcinogenic. It's too high a risk to take a chance. Too many people and their families and friends pay the price for this kind of foolish habit.

Related Questions

Can chewing tobacco cause throat cancer during the first 2-3 years of chewing?

It can cause it in. The first week, but it may not show up until months or years later. There is no safe level of chewing a carcinogen.
Highly unlikely. While tobacco use (also smokeless), and alcohol use are risk factors, most patients present at over age 50. It is possible, but a lot of tobacco would probably have to be chewed, or a person would need to be really susceptable for this to happen. It would be best to discontinue tobacco use.

Throat cancer and smokeless tobacco? I read that using smokeless tobacco can cause throat cancer. I only use it once in a while. Is that ok?

No. Smokeless. No. Smokeless tobacco causes cancer of the tongue, mouth, and throat, and may also cause cancers of the stomach and intestine. These are extremely difficult cancers to treat. Most are fatal, and those that are cured leave patients with terrible deformities. Even if it doesn't cause cancer, smokeless tobacco causes gum disease that may cost you your teeth. You say you use it only once in a while, so it will be easier to quit now. If you wait, chances are that you'll start using it more in the future.
The less the better. Smokeless tobacco causes all the ingredients, including cancer-causing tars, to dissolve in saliva and are distributed around the mouth, tongue, lips, throat and upper pharynx, and can cause cancer in any or all of those places. The more you chew, sniff, tuck in your gums etc etc., the greater the chance of cancer. If once in a while is once or twice a month, probably low risk- 3x/week its more.

Does smoking marijuana cause cancer? I had thyroid cancer and would like to know if related. No tobacco. Can. It. Cause throat cancer.

No relationship. Of thyroid cancer and smoking, but respiratory (lung, etc.) yes.
Probably not. I am not aware of any studies linking marijuana to most cancers. But - you are inhaling a caustic substance into the lungs that can cause damage with time. Furthermore - marijuana is sometimes cut with a variety of chemicals that may be carcinogenic. I would suspect that prolonged use may be associated with throat and lung cancer, but studies are conflicting [for the docs: eur resp j feb 2008].

Please explain if it is possible to get throat cancer from using dip tobacco?

I guess it is.. ....Possible although you would be more concerned about cancer of the lip or tongue, the areas in direct contact with it. Please, don't do it. It is risky and in my opinion a truly disgusting habit. Even if you don't get cancer, you can damage your teeth and gums, and kill your smile.

Can you develop throat cancer from using smokeless tobacco one time or two times?

No one knows. A minimal amount so assume any puts you at risk for disease. 1-2 times may infintessimily increase risk.

Does this sound like early signs of gum cancer? Have just noticed a small lump on my gum. It dosent hurt and it almost feels like a swollen gland you would have on your neck. I have started useing chewing tobacco which I am stoping now and I know this in

Diagnosing. Diagnosing a problem such as yours cannot be done without an examination and radiographs. Thankfully you have stopped the smokeless tobacco. Since you are a minor, any treatment needed will need your parent's consent. Forget about alarming them... They need to know so that they can take care of you. Tell them asap and have your condition evaluated.
I. I am sure your parents would be more upset if you kept a problem from them. You do not have to tell them that you are using chewing tobacco, just that you have a problem that needs to be looked at. It is best to ask them to take you to your dentist for an evaluation while the lesion is still present. Confide in the dentist your use of smokeless tobacco. Based on the exam, your dentist can recommend the proper course of treatment. As you deduced, smokeless tobacco is detrimental to your oral health. The tobacco product contains numerous products that can produce gum disease and can lead to changes in tissue that can progress to cancer. Just because you are young you are not immune to its adverse effects. Ironically this is national oral cancer month. Your dentist can perform an oral screening to rule out problems caused by you tobacco use.
In. In general, we look for three things when it comes to lesions: size, color, and shape. If the lesion grows fast in a short period of time generally it's not a good sign and the more the color is the same as the sorounding gum generally that is a better sign. As far as the shape if the borders are smooth it 's better than when the border of the lesion is rough. Having said that I would quit the tobacco chewing and get it checked out with a dentist. This could be as simple as a fibroma which could be caused sometimes by trauma to the area. If the dentist wants to be 100% sure of what it is he/she can always take a biopsy. Because you are young and it takes many years for tobacco to cause a cancerous lesion I would not be too concerned though.
Not sure. Go see a dentist, oral surgeon or a ear nose and throat doctor to be safe. Glad you quit the chewing tobacco.

I'm 21 used chew tobacco for 2 years haven't for 5 months. Pain in teeth and sore throat, small lump in cheek. Is this oral cancer?

Hard to tell. Without more information. I would suggest seeing an oral surgeon for an evaluation.
Possible, but. Not likely, but possible. You should see your dentist for a consult, you may have an infected tooth that is causing the infection and it may need tx. If it is found to be something else it may need to be biopsied for histological consult to clarify what it really is.
Have it looked at. The pain in the teeth is a separate issue. The sore throat could be anything. The small lump in the cheek is the most troubling symptom regarding the possibility of a growth, be it benign or malignant, or even normal. Rather than looking for answers on the internet, see a dentist for an exam and consultation. Congratulations on being able to stop chewing tobacco. Stay with it!

What amount of chewing tobacco causes mouth cancer?

Why run the risk? I agree that the risk of cancer from chewing tobacco exists. What amount s difficult to answer. As a rule of thumb, it takes time and frequency. Genes would probably make you more susceptible. There are other risks too. Staining of teeth....Smell, waste of money. A bad habit. Walk on the beach, smell the roses, play sport, visit a friend, it is just a ad habit do not play with fire.