are there other medical problems associated with albinism?

Vision, skin cancer. Albinism is caused by a defect in melanin synthesis, causing decreased pigment in skin and hair. The main medical problems associated with albinism are vision problems and increased risk of skin cancer.
Yes. The principle ones occur due to the lack of pigmentation of the eyes and the skin. Eyes are very sensitive to the sun and can have problems up to and including blindness. The skin problems are an extreme sensitivity to the sun which can lead to cancer.
The type of albinism. based on genetic mutations found on Chromosomal Microarray & evaluation by a geneticist determines associated medical issues. Some have hearing as well as visual impairments; one has bruising/bleeding, GI & pulmonary problems. All require Early Intervention till age 3, then Early Childhood Special Education for low vision. Local providers are listed on NOAH site below.