What are the best ways to avoid stress from work?

Counseling, group Rx. Doctors, like psychiatrists, can provide counseling on issues like this. They might also help with medication to ease the physical pain. Self-help groups, and supervised group therapy might also help.
Work Stress. Read my workbook, "managing the stress of success: how to balance work, love and well-being" featured on the soundmindz.Org website, also you may benefit from reading the articles on stress and performance on the same site. Exercise, proper diet, proper sleep and positive relationships are all likely helpful. Best.

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What are the best ways to avoid building up stress from work?

Your way! Discover what works for you. Here are several ways: regular exercise, any form of meditation, yoga, or relaxation techniques, consistent healthy eating, recognizing destructive thought patterns, and finding joy in each moment. One should take time to evaluate your career goals, are you meeting your goals? Are your values consistent with what you are doing in your work? Read more...